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Realabilities Film Festival (Currently active AFSS members only)

It’s time for our annual event to attend part of the Realabilities Film Festival short film series. Reel Shorts 2. Free to AFSS members

Date: Saturday March 10

Time: 4:10 pm. The films start at 4:30 pm, DON’T BE LATE!



Location: Manhattan JCC, 334 Amsterdam Avenue, corner of 76th Street, three blocks South and one block East of the 1 Train 79th Street Station, and three blocks South and two blocks West of the B and C 79th Street Station.

Reel Shorts 2

Film 1) Intimacy

19 Min | English | UK | 2017 | Narrative

Short | Open Captions | Audio Description

International Premiere

About: Romance. Hearing Loss and Deafness, Vision Loss and Blindness

Full Synopsis: A first date between a deaf woman and a blind man, experienced through their alternating perspectives

Film 2) Design-ability

Directed by Manal El Ouady , Joe Langham, Gemma Praditngam, John English, Tom Garner, Lizzie Jenkins, Ieva Zellite, Harry Davies, Billy Craigan-toon, Katya Barton, Joe White, Ryan Pallett, Kyshia Williams

33 Min | Catalan, Spanish | Spain | 2017 | Documentary

Short | Open Captions

North American Premiere

About: Art, Business, Design, Disability Rights, Employment, Social issues

Autism, Down syndrome, Intellectual Disability, Multiple Disabilities

Full Synopsis: The design studio La Casa de Carlota in Barcelona harnesses the unique skills of a creative team which includes members with Down syndrome and autism.

Film 3) Have No Fear

Directed by Marco Calvise

20 Min | Italian | Italy | 2016 | Narrative

Short | Open Captions

NY Premiere

About: Family, Social issues Alzheimers

Full Synopsis: A day in the life of an elderly Alzheimer’s patient, experiencing nearly everything for the first time, including his own descent into dementia.

Film 4) Just Go!

Directed by Pavel Gumennikov

11 Min | Latvian | Latvia | 2017 | Narrative

Short | Open Captions | Audio Description

NY Premiere

About: Action, Crime, Romance and Physical Disability

Full Synopsis: just, who lost both of his legs in an accident, chases the thieves who stole his crush’s purse.

We may go out to eat after the film and will choose where to go as a group.

We invite you to participate in building our Autism community. Check out the link below and considering donating to our organization.

Earlier Event: March 10
Social Event at the Skylight Diner
Later Event: March 14
Manhattan Adult Support Group