Our Mission

Headquartered in New York City, Aspies For Social Success, AFSS is a peer-run organization that provides support and social groups, as well as cultural events, to adults 18 and over who have either been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome or an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), believe they might be on the Autism Spectrum, or who for other reason have difficulty with social communication, sensory processing, or executive functioning. AFSS is working to build a more inclusive community for individuals who otherwise may not have many opportunities or be able to find others with whom to socialize. We do not charge our members any fees, and our income comes exclusively from fundraising.

The benefits of our program

Improving social communication skills and reducing social anxiety will enable our members to be more successful in all areas in life.

  • Make it easier to get and keep a job
  • Develop positive relationships
  • Live richer and more meaningful lives.

There is also a focus on special interests and achieving individual self-actualization goals.


Our primary goal is to build a community that provides a relaxed, comfortable and judgment-free atmosphere where members can be themselves amongst others, sharing similar difficulties and interests. 

Long term goals

We would like to offer even more! Without the opportunity to socialize, there are fewer opportunities to take in culture.

  • Our ultimate dream is to perhaps someday have a brick and mortar community center where people on the spectrum can go for support and engage in social and cultural groups and events.

  • We recently added cultural events to our schedule, including trips to The Metropolitan Museum of Art (with a private tour and a specialized art project for our group), The Museum of Modern Art and The New York Historical Sociaty (Superheroes in Gotham and Silicon City Exhibits)
  • We offer visits to restaurants, offering opportunities to sample the cuisines of different cultures.